Where to go - Nightlife in Dublin - From cheap to sophisticated!


Heres a list of great places to experience the Dublin night scene. Don’t forget the clubs involved with the RCSI ents card, get in free or at a huge discount. Keep an eye on the website for details!

RCSI’s most beloved Down Under.. Has been shut down guys. Not enough business in these recession times! We'll miss you!

A big mention to RIO's (Now known as ENVY) located on Leeson Street(now called ENVY) nightclub which has kindly sponsered many an RCSI night out. Rio's is featuring on the RCSI SED card with free entry on Friday nights and many a drink promo to avail of! MANY MANY THANKS FROM THE RCSI STUDENT'S UNION! 

Also a big mention to dtwo of Harcourt Street who have also kindly offered to sponsor many of RCSI's events. With drinks promos and concessions to be had we're excited to work with them! MANY THANKS FROM THE RCSInfinity TEAM!
Krystle- Kindly sponsored the RCSInfinity night out when the results of the SU election were announced. Be sure to dress to impress for this one, located on Harcourt Street. €15 in on certain nights, €10 otherwise and at a cheaper rate or for free and RCSInfinity sponsored nights.
Next door to Krystle, Diceys Nightclub- has an outdoor beer garden upstairs and down. Good atmosphere, and €10 in. 

The infamous Coppers isn’t far from Diceys- it’s infamous for many reasons of which I’m sure you will find out when you visit. Plays chart music (and the macarena!) and opens till around half 3, latest opening club in Dublin.




Also on Harcourt street is the D2 nightclub- be sure to get concession cards from the SU office. D2 has kindly agreed to be on the RCSI SED card.

 Close to college for the techno/indie junkies is WAX located on George’s Street, usually €10 but only €5 on Wednesday.




If you’re looking for a quieter night out for drinks then Café en Seine is a great place to go, drinks a a bit more expensive but the décor and building itself is amazing. Located on Dawson Street.




Featured on the SED card with free entry is TWENTYONES. Free to RCSI students on RCSInfinity nights out including the VIP room. Otherwise €5-10 entry.  

Located on D’Olier Street (also a mention to the blood donation centre on D’Olier Street! Donate blood! Preferably not after your night out though!)

Tripod- also on Harcourt street this club doubles up as a live venue, but is still renowned for its explosive club nights. Each Friday, 515 DJs rustle up a techno/house/dance set; on Saturdays, expect more commercial/chart-based fare. Situated within the Pod complex, which also houses Crawdaddy, the labyrinthine Tripod is designed to create an explosive atmosphere, especially on nights when big-name guest DJs like Carl Cox, Erick Morillo and James Lavelle visit.

Some clubs to note also are in Temple Bar are SIN,Purty Kitchen (host to Mr. RCSI) and Turks Head