Clubs and Societies 


American Medical Students Association (AMSA): amsasoc@rcsi.ie

Art Society: artsociety@rcsi.ie

Biological Society: biosoc@rcsi.ie

Cancer Society: cancersociety@rcsi.ie

Caribbean African Society (CAS): cas@rcsi.ie

Cardiovascular Society: cardio@rcsi.ie

Christian Union: christian@rcsi.ie

Canadian Irish Medical Students Association (CIMSA): cimsa@rcsi.ie

Dance Society: dancesoc@rcsi.ie

Debating Society: debatesoc@rcsi.ie

Drama Society: dramasoc@rcsi.ie

Film Society: filmsoc@rcsi.ie

Friendship Society: friendship@rcsi.ie

Gay, Lesbian and Straight Society (GLASS): glass@rcsi.ie

Gourmet Society: gourmetsoc@rcsi.ie

Irish Society: irishsoc@rcsi.ie

Islamic Society (ISOC): isoc@rcsi.ie

Medical Innovation Society: patrickmcglynn@rcsi.ie

Music Society: musicsoc@rcsi.ie

Neuroscience Society: neuroscience@rcsi.ie

Penang Medical College Student Association (PMCSA): pmcsa@rcsi.ie

Pharmacy Society: pharmacysoc@rcsi.ie

Photography Society: photosoc@rcsi.ie

Physiotherapy Society: physisoc@rcsi.ie

Red Cross Society: redcross@rcsi.ie

SUAS: suassoc@rcsi.ie

Surgical Society: surgicalsoc@rcsi.ie


Archery: archery@rcsi.ie

Badminton: badminton@rcsi.ie

Basketball Men: basketballmens@rcsi.ie

Basketball Women: basketballladies@rcsi.ie

Bowling: bowling@rcsi.ie

Climbing: climbing@rcsi.ie

Cricket: cricket@rcsi.ie


GAA Men: gaamens@rcsi.ie

GAA Women: gaaladies@rcsi.ie

Golf: golf@rcsi.ie

Hockey Men: hockeymens@rcsi.ie

Hockey Women: hockeyladies@rcsi.ie

Judo: judo@rcsi.ie

Karate: karate@rcsi.ie

Kickboxing: kickboxing@rcsi.ie

Polo: polo@rcsi.ie

Pool: pool@rcsi.ie

Rugby: rugby@rcsi.ie

Running: running@rcsi.ie

Skiing: skiing@rcsi.ie

Soccer Men’s: soccermens@rcsi.ie

Soccer Women’s: soccerwomen@rcsi.ie

Squash: squash@rcsi.ie

Swimming: swimming@rcsi.ie

Table Tennis: tabletennis@rcsi.ie 

TAG Rugby: tagrugby@rcsi.ie

Taekwondo: tkd@rcsi.ie

Tennis: tennis@rcsi.ie

Volleyball Men: volleyballmens@rcsi.ie

Volleyball Women: volleyballladies@rcsi.ie

Yoga: yoga@rcsi.ie


 If you want to get in contact with any of the societies listed below email us at su@rcsi.ie